birds for adoption

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    Looking for a new family member

    I have chickens and one particular one has been in my home since March. I am re-integrating her back into her flock after an injury and realize I need a bird full time in my home. Caring for her and bonding with her has become one of the best experiences of my life. This is not fair for a...
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    A Conure Couple for adoption

    Hi, 4 months ago a negotiated a deal to get two conures for PetLand because they were there.for almost a year, they did not have a good quality life lr attention. I already had a conure thative jad sine he was little and he is very calm and behaved, the new two how ever are not ! Im having a...
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    lucky Pair of Blue and Gold Macaw’s

    Young hand raised Blue and Gold Macaws available for breeding as have different parents The lucky pair of Macaw’s come with their own DNA Papers They are approx. 5 months old, Very loveable and friendly just starting to talk Would prefer to sell as a breeding pair
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    Wanted: African Grey in the NY, NJ or Conn. Areas

    Good Day: I'm in search of a 1 to 3 Yrs. of age, healthy African Grey Parrot with ring. I'm searching in the New York, Connecticut or New Jersey area. I will be personally picking him or her up. I have a traveling case and a huge new cage. I can afford up to $350.00 in total re-homing fees and...