biting help

  1. AvianAdrian

    Confusing behaviour around biting

    Hey guys! May be a long post but please read the full post before responding. So the problem: My conure, since coming home, has had problems with my roommates. It's almost always hands but he occasionally bites faces. This is a behaviour he rarely displays towards me, but I've explicitly...
  2. cosmothebirb

    Edgar is quite bitey!

    Hello once again! So as I said in my previous post we got a new baby bird (he is approximately 2 months old), and as it was with our beloved Cosmo, so it is with Edgar - quite a challenge. I dont remember if Cosmo was this bitey but Edgar sure is. As I learned all birds bite a little as...
  3. mimiandtuna

    Help with lovebird's behaviour

    Hello everyone, I am caring for a lovebird that I've named tuna. I say "caring for" considering this little guy flew onto a friend's head as they were walking home and has refused to leave my house since. I have no idea where it could have come from, perhaps it escaped from his previous home or...
  4. M

    Loved so much I'm bit all over :confused:

    Hi all! I'm Mary. New here, just joined because I'm looking for some advice. It's a long story so bear with me: I've had my bird Moe for 3 years (co-owned with my mother who lives with me) since we rescued him. Moe and I are absolute BFF's and we used to spend almost all of my free time...