blue front amazon parrot

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    Rehoming Blue Fronted Amazon in Brooklyn, NY

    Rehoming Tame and Trained Blue Fronted Amazon because I need to size down. Believed to be a female of roughly 2-3 years. As far as Amazons go, she is on the quiet side, and not very aggressive. Steps up, turns around, and raises her foot on command. Says "hello," "hi," and occasionally calls...
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    Getting my first Amazon! Help!

    Hi! I am getting my first Amazon but she won’t be ready for about 7 weeks or so still. I was told I should get my Amazon in the same sex as my galah because they are different species, is there a reason for this? Is it even true? Just want to do right by my birds. also what is the best size...
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    Blue Front Amazon Parrots

    Good Day; My name is Judy Johnson and I reside in Brooklyn, New York. I love Parrots!! I once had a blue fronted amazon parrot. I was the fourth owner of TK. (Thomas Kelly Johnson) When I brought TK from the third owner I was told he was old. TK brought many years of happiness to me and my young...
  4. Goo Climbing Mt. Stephanie

    Goo Climbing Mt. Stephanie

    Day Four at home and Gucci decided to climb on my head while having breakfast. I didnt want to encourge him that this was a good idea, but I had to snap the photo.