blue & gold macaw

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    Looking to reconnect: Chicago B&G macaw named Maya

    Hello, My name is Skylar! I am looking to reconnect with a blue and gold macaw my parents rehomed shortly after I was born. Her name is Maya and she was born in 1991. My moms are veterinarians and they had a baby blue and gold come in to the emergency room with a burned esophagus and the...
  2. Nikoson

    Is there a difference if the father of a hybrid is a blue and gold or green wing

    I’m thinking of getting a harlequin macaw but I read that the father contributes more to looks and personality, is this true?
  3. M

    Blue and gold fussy eater

    Hi everyone recently I re homed a 18yr old blue and gold macaw. When I first had her she would only eat seed, I’ve managed to now get her eating Kaytee pellets. I’ve been trying to train her to step up and come when called. I’ve been trying lots of fruit and veg but she’s just not interested in...
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