Looking to reconnect: Chicago B&G macaw named Maya


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Feb 13, 2024
Looking for a B&G macaw my parents gave up in 2004.

My name is Skylar! I am looking to reconnect with a blue and gold macaw my parents rehomed shortly after I was born. Her name is Maya and she was born in 1991. My moms are veterinarians and they had a baby blue and gold come in to the emergency room with a burned esophagus and the original owners could not afford the surgery. My moms adopted Maya and cared for her deeply. Shortly after I was born in 2004, they realized they no longer had the time and energy to give Maya the love and attention she needed. They rehomed her to a man named Gary (my parents are 99% sure that was his name). He lived in the west suburbs of Chicago and had a male B&G macaw. My parents kept in contact for a while but slowly lost track. She would be 33 years old! Does anyone know of him or have any more suggestions for finding her? Also here are some photos of Maya as a baby and a photo of her on my mom’s shoulder while she was pregnant with me!


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