blue throated macaw

  1. azul_thebluemacaw

    Does anybody know of a reputable Blue throated Macaw breeder?

    I live in florida and I wish to purchase a baby Blue throated macaw and I was hoping you knew of a good breeder.If you do pls pls pls give me your recommendations!
  2. K

    Armand passed today

    We are heartbroken. Our blue throated macaw Armand passed this morning. It was a shock and developed quickly. He was about 2.5 years old and we do not know for certain what happened but it hit him very suddenly and without warning. I found him on the bottom of the cage this morning very...
  3. P

    Planning on buying a large Parrot. Which of these would be the best?

    Hello! I have been doing research for the past few months on various types of Parrots and I'm having trouble deciding which one I'd like to buy. I originally wanted an Eclectus, but I ruled that out after finding other species that I liked more. Then I considered an Amazon Parrot. I was the...
  4. K

    Armand Playing

    So Armand is now settled in and we couldn't imagine not having him. We also got our DNA test back and have confirmed Armand is indeed a boy. So thankfully there will be no name changes. We are really enjoying having him and oh is he a little mischievous boy. Such a good sweet disposition...
  5. K

    Our baby BTM is home!

    So happy....what a sweetheart! Such a sweet personality. now if I can only get the pictures oriented the right
  6. K

    Bringing home our BTM this weekend

    We're driving down to pick up our BTM this weekend. We can't wait but we want to make sure we're going to make the transition a good one. Any last minute advice for some new parents? Thanks! -Keith and Leslie
  7. K

    Bar Spacing for Blue throated Macaw

    Greetings! We're ordering a cage from Expandable Habitats and wanted to know your thoughts on bar spacing for a 6 month old Blue Throated Macaw. Trisha said she thought 1 3/8" spacing should work for the cage but I'm unsure. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for...