bonded pair

  1. T

    Hello from a total newb.

    My name is Jenn! My (common-law) hubs and I own and run a bicycle repair shop. Last year, a blue budgie appeared at our wild bird feeder. We watched over him for two weeks while looking for someone who lost a bird, but then, in the second heat wave, we noticed that she was dying. So we brought...
  2. P

    Bonded Macaws

    I own two Blue and Gold Macaws, one male and one female. T I let my parrots out at 10:00 every morning and they go back into their cages at 18:00, my macaws are free flighted and the whole living room is free for them to roam with playstands scattered around the room. These two macaws spend...
  3. T

    Is it too late for our lovebirds?

    For context: My brother got two lovebirds and I guess while he had them for the first 3 months, he did not really tame or train them. He just fed them and gave them toys and cleaned. Now the birds live with me and its been 3 more months and no matter what I do, they will not warm up to me at...
  4. A

    Bonded pair fighting

    Hi All. I have a bonded pair, one quaker (6yrs) and one conure (5yrs). A cage door fell off last week and the quaker flew away. We were fortunate that he was found nearby and we were reunited with him 3 days later, however now the conure does not want anything to do with him and will fight him...
  5. P

    Ciaque plucking

    I have a question that I am hoping to have some input on. I have 2 caiques genders unknown at this time. My one ciaque Pumpkin has been with me and my wife for about 3 years and is roughly about 4 years old. Pumpkin after about 2 years became overly attached with me and I work as a nurse and...
  6. PenClem

    Discouraging breeding in 1 y/o Parakeets

    A friend of mine has just inherited two Parakeets - a bonded pair (male and female). She was told that the 'keets are about one year old. Both ceres are dark in their respective colors (very blue and pinkish brown). She has them in a 30x18x18" flight cage with food, water, and 3-4 toys. That's...