broken leg

  1. C

    Injured conure....broken leg

    My sun conure broke his leg recently Wen d cage's door closed down on his leg bone...I took him to the vet asap and d vet told he has to take medication n rest for 20 days n d vet plastered his whole leg. The bone cracked it seems 😥. Now I don't allow him to fly or move alot as I don't want him...
  2. S

    Need advice on what to do

    Hello, I need advice on what to do. My 4months old CAG normally perches on the container side and goes to sleep on it. Three days ago at 9pm I perch him on the container side and brought him to my bedroom where he normally sleeps. A few minutes after I closed the door, I heard a loud sound and...
  3. Burbgirl

    New to the site and REALLY need help on this one

    Hey everyone. So tonight my 22 year old cockateil Squeak took a tumble while my bf was watching him. The old man still thinks he can fly but he really can't. Anyway, he tried to fly back to his cage and missed his mark causing him to hit a set of draws beak first and land on his foot. When I...
  4. veimar

    Should I or should I not?..

    Sorry have been away for little while, but was still lurking on the forum... I have a dilemma that you guys maybe help me solve. I wrote here little while ago that I was to adopt a male red rump parakeet, and the breeder (she is not a real big "breeder" - just has a pair that produces once in a...
  5. makana

    It's a broken leg! D: Advice? Anecdotes?

    Dear Parrot Forums, I've lurked a long time but never signed up til now - Forgive me, and please help me out if you can! Long story short: an incompetent vet (Vet #1) broke our poor green cheek's leg. (I'm furious and may share details later, but I'm right now very concerned and focused on...