1. Rico_Tiel

    No context, just a destroyed clasp 🤠

    All I’m gonna say is, oops my bad…
  2. B

    My baby sun conure has peak separation

    Hello guys, I have a sun conure chick that has a separation on his bottom beak , its not bleeding or anything, and it doesn't seem to hurt or bother him. Should I worry about it, take him to vet? Or it will just grow up naturally? What do you suggest?
  3. Violet_Diva

    Broken Blood Feather - HELP

    Gerry has broken a bloodfeather. It was the only long one on that side so I think he just managed to break it on the bars of his cage or something. It's broken pretty much right at the base and is twisted and hanging. Should I try to snip the feather shorter to try to help stop it snagging on...
  4. S

    Leg amputation within a week?!

    Hi all, I am a very concerned owner. My female green cheek conure, Asura, is 6-8 months old and has a swollen, bruise-coloured and probably fractured ankle. The foot from the ankle and below is also slightly turned. I have attached 2 pictures (her feathers are hiding the top part of her ankle...
  5. I

    Help : Broken nail

    My conure "broke" her nail. There was no bleeding, but she cant stand on her left foot. The injury is near the center of her nail, but again, no blood. the injury is pale, almost as if it was scratched. there's also something sticking out, a white sting? Its not a vein.
  6. O

    Blood Vessel exposed on wing

    My green cheek had a broken blood feather on his outer most primary flight feather which I pulled and looked as though the second one was bleeding as well. It turns out that only the first one was actually bleeding, but both were pulled. The non-broken, but now pulled blood feather had a blood...