1. Teza2plays

    Buying a cockatiel

    I’ve been searching for a cockatiel but cannot find any that fits my budget and isn’t a scam. I live in Mitchell, SD and cannot find any breeders near me. I would like to spend less than $300. I am willing to drive up to 5 hours away. I would like to get a tiel from a breeder since I got a...
  2. K

    Looking for birds Massachusetts/ New England area!

    Hi! I hope i’m posting this right! I am looking for a bird on the medium/large size ( macaws, cockatoos, african grey, etc) near Massachusetts or surrounding states. I need one that is okay with being handled often and friendly. :white1: And if anyone knows any nearby aviaries selling them or...
  3. Ceri

    Future Bird Mom

    Hi all. I have previous parrot experience and now that my daughter has gone to college, I am looking for a feathery kid to care for. I have been bamboozled by scammers these past 2 weeks. I AM EXHAUSTED. When I got my scarlet macaw, in 1997, it was so easy. When did this get so crazy, sheesh! I...
  4. B

    Second parrot - to buy or not to buy?

    My mom has been thinking about buying a parrot for the past couple of months, both as a pet and as a companion to our cockatiel. (The vet advised buying it a companion once the other parrot we had died) I've been telling her that a parrot is a big investment on the scale of twenty years or so...
  5. GracelynNBirds

    Colorado Cockatoos

    Hello everyone. I hope you guys are doing very well! For a while now I think I would love to adopt a Galah from a homeschooled Christian family. (I am homeschooled and Christian). Anyways, I think I would trust them but has anyone adopted a parrot from them or know anything about them? Thanks...