Looking for birds Massachusetts/ New England area!


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Apr 11, 2021
I hope i’m posting this right! I am looking for a bird on the medium/large size ( macaws, cockatoos, african grey, etc) near Massachusetts or surrounding states. I need one that is okay with being handled often and friendly. :white1:

And if anyone knows any nearby aviaries selling them or anyone else please tell me!
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Have you "owned" a parrot before? "Friendly" is a very relative term...
these species can come with a lot of demands, and can be very loud and destructive. Not saying that to stop you from getting one. Just takes a lot of thought and effort to bring one into your life.

If you are new to parrots, we can share lots if info. We usually get real, as often the web is full of only the sunshine and good stuff.
Massachusetts is a large state and has surrounding states that can be considered pretty far away, depending which part of Massachusetts you want to be near.

As far as Eastern MA:

Just yesterday someone told me about someone in Wilmington MA breeding several species parrots. I got the impression, he meant they were still breeding currently, but don't know. (It was a casual conversation, of the type that occurs when I take my Sunny for a walk, in her carrier on a walker, on the boardwalk in Newburyport.) When I search online for a breeder in Wilmington MA, not finding; does Not mean it's not there...

There is more than one parrot rescue / sanctuary in Rhode Island:

--Foster Parrots Sanctuary in Hope Valley, RIH recently had a serious fire, but their website does show a few adoptable birds.

--Rhode Island Parrot rescue in Warwick RI also has a few adoptable birds according to their website.
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If you are looking more North and are looking for a store rather than a rescue, in Southeastern NH there is a great store called Woofmeow. They have two locations, one in Derry NH and one in Dover NH.

In the past they have always had an Amazing Bird Room in each location, with young birds in full range of sizes. (If you go, you should call ahead to find out if their Bird Room is open and / or what types birds they might currently have available.)
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IMHO, Find an Avian Medical Professional as you will need one anyway! Since they care for Parrots, their clients are often great sources as they care about their Parrots to be visiting their Avian Medical Professional often.

Web search Certified Avian Vets.
Hi Kujo,
Why are you looking for a bird? Is it for yourself? Do you have family members living with you? Do you live in a house? Do you have any experience with birds? I may have a lead for you.

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