cage change

  1. SoberParrots

    Cage shenanigans and a tired Bird dad - Story Time!

    Today was cage cleaning day for my parakeet… It was quite a hassle!!! - To start off, the air conditioner has been broken for a few days, it’s 85 degrees upstairs and low seventies downstairs. I find that I am quite a chameleon when it comes to this sudden change in temperature and I have...
  2. Koni

    Tips on how to transition to a new cage

    I've had an IRN for about 5 years. He has lived in the same cage for all those 5 years. He's used to his old cage. I bought a larger one a few months ago and he was really scared at first. Couldn't even get close to it. I bring my IRN closer to the new cage every day and he keeps getting more...
  3. Ezekiell

    Homemade cage cover

    Just wanted to share the cage cover I made. It’s held to the top bar with snap clip tags, the front ties together, and the pleats allow good airflow through the bottom. Plus I can leave the back clipped on and just unclip the sides and pull the top catch tray out for during the day.
  4. P

    Tips on switching cages for a nervous birdie

    My nanday conure, Mort, is very attached to her cage. Some days she won't want to leave it, and the top removes, so if we want her to interact with us in another room we need to tote the top along with us. (Might also partially be because shes not a fan of being handled/ hands/ sometimes even...