cage recommendations

  1. T

    Looking for new cage for Timneh, recommendations?

    Hi, My 19 year old Timneh is due for a new cage due to wear and tear and the powder coating beginning to rust. I'm having problems finding a big enough one that has bar spacing less than 3/4" that is also affordable. Max budget of around $500. He loves to climb but has some deformities of his...
  2. Ezekiell

    Best cages for conure

    Hi everyone! I’m looking for advice on a good cage for a conure. Ideally I’d like a prevue hendryx cage but we cant get these cages in Australia. So I’m looking for something similar. So far I’ve found 2 options...
  3. L

    Is this an appropriate parakeet cage?

    Hi guys, I just barely adopted a new parakeet and I wanted to get him a new cage. I was wondering if this was an appropriate size. He will be the only one in here. Thank you so much for the help.:yellow2:
  4. L

    Cage for an IRN

    Hello! So I am getting an Indian ringneck within the next year, one thing that is baffling me a bit is the cage size, bar spacing ect. I have been trying to look for a suitable cage for an Indian ringneck so I can buy it in advance and get it set up before I get my new baby bird. I have decided...
  5. C

    What cage can you recommend for a sun conure?

    I am a week away from being able to take home my husbands fiery shouldered conure, Rio, and have bought a prevue playtop cage that is 24"x24"x60" In June, my sun conure will be ready to come home 😄 so I will need to be prepared to house the birds separately. Before I did any research on this, I...
  6. sunnyskittles

    Road Trip w/ Sun Conue??

    My hubs and I have a two year old Sun Conure, Skittles. We are planning to drive to W.VA to visit my grandparents from Houston, TX for Christmas this year. We will NOT board her, I cannot begin to fathom leaving her with someone she doesn't know for nearly two weeks. We are planning on bringing...