What cage can you recommend for a sun conure?


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May 6, 2018
I am a week away from being able to take home my husbands fiery shouldered conure, Rio, and have bought a prevue playtop cage that is 24"x24"x60"
In June, my sun conure will be ready to come home 😄
so I will need to be prepared to house the birds separately. Before I did any research on this, I was thinking they could both live in the prevue cage I bought. Crazy, I know🙄.
So what I'm wondering now is what cage I should buy for my sun Conure...
I dont necessarily want to spend another $204 on another cage right now. If I could, I would in a heart beat.
We will eventually be able to buy another of the same cage, but for now we just need a cage that will do the job

What cage do you/ have you used for your sun conure?
Brand, size...is it good quality? Does your bird like it?
Does it rust? Is the paint toxin free?

Thanks in advance!


Mar 20, 2017
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I have no idea what type or brands mine are, just gotta worry about bar spacing and size. I found all mine on craigslist as they are very abundant and cheap on there. One of mine is stainless steel (I hope stainless) and the other is a large green one that's ugly but it was cheap and they seem to like it just fine! Bigger the better in my opinion. I've even put two cages together to make a super cage!


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Aug 21, 2010
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Cages can be expensive, but are a necessary investment for your bird. Most if not all sold as new in the U.S. comply with lead paint restrictions. While it is nice to see the cage before choosing, not all cities have stores with many choices. Amazon or other specialty online company can be a good choice since you are familiar with cages in general.

Buying used is a great option, just make sure it has not been "resprayed" by someone without knowledge of safety. While most consumer paints sold in the U.S. are lead-free, it is certainly possible to obtain illegal coverings.

Bar spacing, location of feeder compartments, etc are important.


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Jan 27, 2017
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I just ordered a double-version of this for my cockatiel.. smaller one here


I have also seen this used for conures and has excellent ratings.



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Sep 12, 2012
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I like the A&E and HQ Flight Cages. The ones that are 32" x 21" x 35", not counting the stand. A&E has some nice, larger cages, too!

If you wanted to go with a double wide flight, then I'd recommend A&E over HQ due to a design difference. (minor, but IMO, important!)

These are all generally cheap cages and they do come with plastic trays over metal ones... that said, there are some similar cages that come with the metal trays, but the only one that's the same size as the A&E/HQ flight cages is from Centurion Aviaries.

They can, and do, rust, if you don't take care of them. My first HQ Flight Cage (actually sold for sugar gliders, bought second hand, brand new!) is probably around 15 years old? Maybe a tad younger, but still up there. Still a great cage though! And is actually in better condition than the newest cage that I've picked up... I'm not sure if it's an HQ cage or a different brand, but I'm sure it's not A&E. There's another company that sells cages identical to HQ cages, starts with a C, but I don't recall the brand. The newest cage though was used and was even left outside... so I do want to see if I can get some replacement parts for it.

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