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    Caique's Feathers Health

    Hello all, definitely a new joiner here. I just got a Black-headed Caique almost 3 weeks ago from a pet store. The store received this 3-4 month Caique along with 4 others (same age) in a single cage. The one i got was weaned but was a bit sticky with formula residues (like the others). Later i...
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    From hot to cold

    Dear All, I'd love to get a caique, but I'd really appreciate some advice on it first. I'm currently resident in Guyana, where caiques are of course native. In my time here, I've come across a lot of pet caiques and they're real characters. I've been offered a young caique, but I'm...
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    Can I get 1 Caique if I work?

    I really want a Caique and I want to make sure its happy and has a great life for the many years I would have it but I have never taken care of a bird before so not only will I have to learn how to care for it properly (which im nervous of because I want it to be happy) but also give it enough...
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    Constant Screams/Cries?

    Hi there! I just became the Parront of a little female, black-headed Caique named Bean. She is super sweet and friendly, however she is constantly making cries that sound like she’s asking for food. Anytime we pet her or hold her or approach her in any way she’ll start her cries. She seems very...
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    Apartment living with a caique

    Apologies, this is a bit long. I own a BHC who I've had for about 12 years now since she was 6 months. She has always lived in my parents house including when I was away during college, but now that I'm in medical school I brought her with me to my apartment. The two of us have not been...