care advice

  1. lia

    Hello everyone!!

    Hello! My name is Lia. I have yet to get a parrot, actually to be exact I'm getting one next week. Its a parrotlet and its handfed and still a baby. I know a bit about parrots since in the past I've had both budgies and a cockatiel. Still i need some help in picking a cage! I have for now an old...
  2. T

    Leaving my Lovebird for a Bit

    I have had this lovebird for around eight months (unsure of gender, referring as "her"), and I absolutely love her. My family and I work from home, so we always have her flying around the home, eating fresh foods, and bonding with us. She is always sitting on one of our shoulders or playing...
  3. B

    Feather duster budgies and quality of life

    Hi all! I was buying a flight cage that I found on Facebook marketplace from a family that has a lot of budgies in a variety of cages and aviaries. When I was there, I noticed that their English budgies were separated into two cages. In the first cage was a male/female bonded pair, along with...