1. EllenD

    Why Do People Have Cats If They Just Let Them Run Outside All-Day, Every-Day???

    I just don't get it, I never have and I never will...People have a cat, or multiple cats, and they are supposed to be their pets, otherwise why would they get them in the first-place. They get up first thing in the morning, feed their cats, and then put them outside. And then 12 hours later, at...
  2. A

    Cat Proof Door?

    I need help! I am getting a parrot soon, and he or she will live in my room. I also have two cats. How can I "cat proof" my door so that my cats can't get into my room? For some reason they feel compelled to go into my room.:gcc::confused:
  3. Avathealien

    Cat bites

    Hi, So my little green cheeks conure jumped on my cat yesterday and it was so quick my cat caught him... I checked him and couldn't see any marks or anything . It was too late to go to the vet here so I waited, and this morning he was in a bad shape, couldn't eat and he seemed tired so...
  4. H

    How to stop a parrot going through a catflap?

    Short of buying an expensive chip controlled catflap, and having the cats lose the collars all the time or having them all implanted with one, how do I have a catflap which the cats can go through but my parrots can't?
  5. ann

    just found a very emaciated cat

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've been here But hope everyone is well :). So last night I took in a cat I found in my backyard. He was hiding and crying in my window well, so I put some gloves on and scooped him up. He was too weak to fight, so he was very calm. He is VERY thin and is...
  6. happycat

    So cuddly, so sweet, then...ATTACK!!!

    Lol my cats are so weird. Sometimes they are so cuddly rubbing there face against my hand and rolling over but sometimes even when they act like the sweetest little angels, then something, I dont know WHAT makes them angry and they attack XD Just then Oreo, my cat was rubbing his face against my...
  7. volleyballlover

    Senegal and Cat??

    Okay so heres the thing... I really want a senegal, but I have 2 cats...? One is a successful hunter, the other...not so much. But I think they would both stare at the bird and freak her out? Has anyone had any experience with birds and cats living in harmony? I don't want the bird to be...