1. G

    Help! My male budgie's cere has gotten dark, is this normal?

    I have a male budgie named Griffith, he's 1 year old. recently his beak started becoming darker & rough. This is how he used to look normally. This is how he looked on 3rd this month. it's already kinda dark here. This is how he looks today. It's a lot darker. My other male budgie (Levi)...
  2. M

    Health concern on budgie's cere

    Hello! I am not an owner of budgies myself, but my grandmother is. She has 3 budgies (2 males, 1 female, at least 6 years old), all in the same cage. Upon looking at her budgies today, I noticed that the female has an overgrown cere. I can't tell if it's covering her nostrils, but apparently...
  3. B

    Dont know if I should worry

    I have had my budgies for a month or two. I tried bringing them to the "aviary" vet near but I soon realized that in my area they only knew about chicken... I dont know if I should worry about the color of her cere
  4. A

    Something wrong with my green cheeks beak

    This is my first ever bird. There's this yellow stuff between my green cheeks cere and beak, someone please tell me if this a disease or something or if this is normal in parrots
  5. HowdyDoDee

    Recessive pied photos please!

    Hey all, The general consensus is that my young keet is female because of her cere and peri orbital nare coloring (white). I gather that she’s recessive pied and therefore does not follow the general rules when determining gender. Do any of you have photos of your im/mature recessive pied...
  6. D

    Crusty cere on a likely male bird?

    I posted about this a few days ago, but people stopped responding, so here I’m going to post a photo. Please look at this photo and tell me whether you think this is normal and he’s actually a she, or if it is something to be worried about. Also, this budgie was lost for an unknown amount of...
  7. D

    Crusty cere

    Hi, my Mum found a lost budgerigar getting attacked by native birds while walking her dog a few weeks back, and he seemed completely healthy for quite a while. However, just today I noticed that the base of his cere is a bit crusty looking. I was wondering if anyone could help with determining...
  8. J

    Something on my budgie’s cere

    I just got home from school and I noticed something atypical on one of my budgies, Yin’s beak. He/she (don’t know the gender yet) doesn’t appear to be sick, I’ve only just gotten the both of them yesterday. I need advice on what to do because I can’t call the vet because my mom says they’re fine...
  9. M

    Brown spot on male (?) budgie cere

    So I've had my male budgie for a while now. He's 2 and his cere changes from light blue/purplish to dark blue. A few weeks ago I took him to the vet for a runny nose and a dark spot that appeared on his cere. The vet treated for the runny nose and the cere was blue again. However, as I put him...
  10. M

    Budgie random brown spot on cere

    Hi! I have a boy budgie named kirby who is 2 years old. He woke up this morning with a runny nose, which has gone away with the help of a humidifier. However, I noticed that he has developed a tiny brown area on his otherwise blue cere. His droppings this morning were almost all white, then...
  11. K

    Budgie has dried discharge on cere

    Hi! I posted a thread not too long ago about this topic but forgot ton include time important parts. First, I found out that my budgie of two years is actually a boy, not a girl lol. Second, I woke up this morning to find that there had been dried brown discharge on his cere. He is eating...
  12. K

    My budgie has dried discharge on her nose

    Hi. So over had my budgie, Libby, for over 2 years now. She's about two and a half years old. Always a healthy bird and never got sick. Vets were always impressed with her health. Today when I uncovered her cage, she had dried up brown discharge on her cere and her droppings were almost all poo...