cherry-head conure

  1. WannaBeAParrot

    Safety Question: Is he safe from hawks and crows while on shoulder outdoors?

    There are all kinds of critters flying and funning around where we are vacationing in rural upstate New York mountains -- lots of black crows and, I imagine, hawks, owls, etc. If Pritti is on my shoulder, should I consider him he safe from a predatory bird swooping down to get him off me. Do...
  2. WannaBeAParrot

    Flying on airplane with bird.

    Should I or shouldn't I? My choice - taking Pritti (male cherry-headed conure, 30 years old, about 14" long) with me vs. boarding him at his avian-only vet, where they have nice cages, sweetest staff and vet let them hang out on individual nice perches daily til office closes for the day...
  3. WannaBeAParrot

    Screech, Screech! Cherry-Head Conure talk for Hi, I'm New Here.

    I'm the lucky mom of a 30-year old Cherry-Head Conure. His name is Pritti (sounds like Pretty). He's been in our family since he was a baby, but with me for 21 years. Even at 30, he wears me out (I guess it's because I'm 21 years older now and 51 yerars old, haha). I like figuring out how to...