Screech, Screech! Cherry-Head Conure talk for Hi, I'm New Here.


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Jul 5, 2012
SE Florida and Sullivan County, NY
Cody-Blu, female Blue-Crowned Conure, Hatched - (approx) June 1, 2014, in a South Florida tree.

Pritti (Cherry-Head Conure) -- Fly in Peace my beautiful boy. Forever I'll love you.
I'm the lucky mom of a 30-year old Cherry-Head Conure. His name is Pritti (sounds like Pretty). He's been in our family since he was a baby, but with me for 21 years. Even at 30, he wears me out (I guess it's because I'm 21 years older now and 51 yerars old, haha). I like figuring out how to recycle everyday items at home and turn them into safe, fun toys, and how to make our house a fun, safe and ever-changing playzone for Pritti. He is so smart and can get board pretty easily when not touching or interacting with a human. So, it's a challenge but he deserves and receives the same attention I would want from someone who took on the responsibility of raising a parrot inside a home.

I'm also lucky enough to live on a lake in a sub-tropical climate, where I get to see many varieties of birds every day of the year... osprey, parrots, limpkin, hummingbirds, heron, woodpeckers, robins, ducks, and on and on.

I'm still learning all the time about the best ways to interact with Pritti. So I appreciate all you have to say in the forums.

I have a questions about transporting advice, which I will post in another area parrotforums.


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