chronic egg laying

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    Chronic Egg Laying

    Please help! My solo female Great Billed Parrot is about to lay her third clutch of unfertilized eggs since May and I'm getting worried about her health. The first two eggs she laid broke on the cage floor so I replaced them with dummy eggs, but she did not accept those as her own. She may have...
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    Hormonal Kakariki help

    I have 2 female kakarikis, we had them in Nov 21 as young birds. They seem pair bonded to each other and are housed in the same cage. One of them keeps laying bad eggs, she first lays egg white and/or yolk and then normally after a day or so lays the shell. It's normally curled up on itself. It...
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    Deslorelin Implant Help

    Hi everyone! I am new to this forum and desperate. I have a two year old cockatiel named Pietri who I love dearly. I have been dealing with her being a chronic egg layer and an extremely hormonal female tiel. I am currently going to a CAV near my home who has been aiding me in treating her...
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    Had A Trio Of Budgies. One Died & I Feel POWERLESS On What To Do Next(THEY ARE LONELY)

    I had 3 Budgies 1 Green Male(3-4 years Old) 1 White Female(3-4 years old) (Passed Away) 1 Blue Female(7 years old) They used to all be in the same big cage, in the same room. However, earlier of this month: Both females got sick. The White one with a tumor, and the other with a prolapsed...