Hormonal Kakariki help


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Mar 9, 2023
2 kakarikis
I have 2 female kakarikis, we had them in Nov 21 as young birds. They seem pair bonded to each other and are housed in the same cage.
One of them keeps laying bad eggs, she first lays egg white and/or yolk and then normally after a day or so lays the shell. It's normally curled up on itself. It doesn't seem like they are breaking inside of her, more like the yolk and white is going through her system faster than her body can put the shell on
Obviously this is very worrying and I worry about losing her every time but so far she's managed to pass everything without help other than keeping her warm (22°c) and giving her a dose of metacam (meloxicam) if she seems to be struggling. She's passed 8 eggs like this so far
Our vet (who is an exotic pet specialist) has tried her on a hormone injection which did nothing and now a hormone implant which she's had in for 2 months and has seemed to have made things worse (this is her 6th bad egg since the implant) she was laying very infrequently before and since the implant laid 6 eggs (1 was normal) around 2 days apart and then stopped for 3 weeks and has started laying another tonight.
We don't touch them anywhere other than their heads and have them step up onto our fingers. We feed them a mixed dry diet including pellets and give them fresh vegetables every day. They are put to bed at around 8pm every night, with a cage cover in a separate room and are up at around 9am
They are in their cage most of the day as they can't be trusted out unsupervised but I make sure they have at least an hour free flying around the house every day
I don't know what else to try, I'm not willing to risk her having surgery which our vet said is the last option as I know the success rate isn't good and the likelihood of losing her through the surgery is fairly high. Can anyone help?


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