cinnamon conure

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    Three amegos
  2. Yeetsa

    another thread about green cheek biting

    hello, so update for you all! cypress has been doing better! marginally. progress is progress though, and I'm quite proud of him for it. unfortunately, we've run into another problem- we do our training sessions with him on top of his cage, but whenever my hand touches the top when he's not in...
  3. love this funky little guy

    love this funky little guy

    day 6 of having cypress, i think this is pretty good
  4. Yeetsa

    New Bird Owner Looking For Advice

    Hello! My name is Aspen, and 4 days ago I purchased my very first bird, a cinnamon GCC named Cypress, whom I love very much already. However, due to my inexperience, I feel as though my bird has developed behavioral issues that need to be corrected. So, in this post, I will outline everything I...
  5. R

    I really miss my conures

    I posted back in October of how I was afraid I had to rehome my two conures, and was just asking for advice. I didn't have the heart to reply back to everyone who messaged/interacted with the thread, but I'm very grateful and definitely took everything said into account. I really tried my best...
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    I like to draw.