1. Sakuradoll

    Green Cheek Conure or Indian Ringneck.

    Hello everyone, newbie to the Forum☺️🦜 I am currently thinking of extending my little flock. I have had birds for many year's. Mainly Budgie's, Cockateil's and Kakariki's. Currently I have a female Cockateil and male Kakariki. Both get on very well. They are not massively bonded to each other...
  2. Rosalindagg

    Cockatiel skin

    Hi this is Sushi who will be 1 in October and I’ve noticed her skin under her wings is white/fluffy. Is this normal? Is how her skin should look? I don’t have the best photos because it’s under her wing.
  3. S

    Help! Baby cockateil is not begging for food!

    I had a cockateil for 6 months which I bought when it was a month old. It got scared and flew away for the sound of the calling bell recently. I'm grieving over it's loss and I wanted her back so badly. So my dad bought me a new baby cockateil. It's around 3 weeks old. It's been 24 hrs and it...