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    Baby parrot won't eat

    Hello everyone! I just got a 1 month old cockatiel :yellow1: from a friend and I need to hand feed him. I got him at around 9 PM. I tried feeding him using baby bird formula through a syringe at around 11 PM but he wouldn't open his mouth. I put some formula on his beak, but he would just go...
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    Cockatiel Chick Problems?

    Hello, I am relatively new to cockatiel chick raising and currently have three chicks who are at least 1 week old. I previously had 5, but 2 had unfortunately passed away in the nest. I didn't know at the time that it was important to clean out the nest, as I was under the impression that you...
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    New bird owner! advice?

    Hello everyone, I always wanted a bird. So my husband surprised me with a budgie, but unfortunately he had scaley face mites from the pet store he was purchased. We took him to the vet and had him treated but unfortunately it was too late. It's been about a month and I adopted a baby cockatiel...
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    I have some baby cockatiels! Have some questions

    :grey: Hello! You can call me lucas or green when referring to me. I have two cockatiels right now. One is named ariel (she is white and grey) And another name patience (black and white and some yellow around the neck). I bought patience from a bad breeder. I was promised the bird was a girl...
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    Hi! new member new cockatiel

    Hi so yeah yesterday I got my first pet bird a cockatiel, not sure how old she is, but she must be X months old, because the breeder told me it was a baby and for me its looks like a baby , tomorrow im going to go and ask more info about the parents and she... also i dont know if shes a she or...