1. TheSeals

    Off my chest, I just need to vent

    Hello everyone. I am new here as of today and this is my first post. I have four beautiful parrots. Peachy (F/27) Moluccan Cockatoo, Ruby (M/23) African Grey, Alfie (M/11) Green Cheek Conure, Jasmine (F/?) Green Cheek Conure. I harbor so much guilt from owning them. I’ve had them for 10 years...
  2. A

    in search of any birds in California except small birds

    Looking for a birdie.... Anything cockatoos, greys, macaws, jardine's, anything that's not tiny and can learn to talk...will drive anywhere in California to pick up....parrot forums won't let me direct message. :red1: This is for my dad he has had several years of experience with several kinds...
  3. A

    looking to adopt your cockatoo

    Big or small. Any kind. I WANT A COCKATOO. Looking to adopt a cockatoo or a pair for my dad (yes, he has experience) not willing to spend more then $100 per bird outside of California and $200 per bird within California. They would be going to a great home don't worry. They would be absolutely...