1. Halsies

    Blue ring neck

    Hey guys! I'm new here and just wanted to ask if enyone can help me find out what kind of a blue color my male ringneck is.. Hope you can see it well on the images. Thanks in advance! ☺️
  2. Rico_Tiel

    What is your parrot’s favorite color?

    I recently discovered Rico’s favorite color is baby pink and he seems to like blue and purples. So, this leads me to this question! What is your bird’s favorite color? If you bird doesn’t seem to have one, how about a least favorite? Rico hates red. No clue why, he just seems to not like it...
  3. P

    What color is he?

    I adopted this male recently and his previous owners said his color is called “placid” and that they think he is an albino. I’m suspicious though, because he does have a slight ring. In certain lighting he also has a blue tint to his feathers, but in general he just looks white to me. So I’m...
  4. D

    Is this color normal for this feather? (Senegal)

    So I've 2 senegals, a female and male. I've them little over 8 years and this is the first time something like this, my male parrot his flying feather is yellow. Just 1 or 2, its been there for a while but have been curious if this normal? Yellow Feather My bird Sjaak
  5. N

    Linus's poop vary's in color and consistency throughout the day.

    We had a scare earlier this week, Linus's poop was red, like really red, and I was worried it was blood. Turns out, He eats his pellets by color, and decided to eat all the red ones in the morning and leave the others. So sometimes his poop is green, sometimes brown, and sometimes red. How can I...
  6. B

    Colour feeding have you done it?

    So you year about people colour feeding there birds to enhance there colours Has anyone tried this? Is it safe? And does it work? My Sun Conure Rocky has got some beautiful red coming through and lots of it il love to enhance it but only if it's safe for him :yellow1:
  7. Folkeye

    What Color Is My Budgie...

    Okay, just felt like trying to narrow down exactly what she is in terms of color. Outside of having a tiny bit of violet on her, this is her: a_lovely_lady_by_folkeye-d6i1qb0 by notrufus, on Flickr Is she a cinnamon of sorts?
  8. benton23

    Just for fun

    Hey everyone, in anticipation of me getting a Green Cheek Conure soon, I thought I'd have a little fun and ask what everyone's favorite color mutations are! I know anyone that has a GCC will probably say whichever one they have, but lets try and see what really is the most popular one! So, out...
  9. L

    What would these two parents produce color wise?

    The babies are already 3 weeks old and I'm handfeeding them, the oldest has green feather tips and black feather tips towards the end of the wings. The baby itself is a dark gray color and the fuzzy feathers are whitish. The beak has a black top towards the nose and the end is orange. The...