1. amariemo

    Cooking safety

    Hello All, I am a fairly new Conure owner. I am kind of obsessing over safety for my birdie. I know that Teflon/PTFE is bad so I only cook with stainless steel pans and glass pans. I read that there is danger in fumes, odors so tht had me wondering exactly what that means. For example-if I...
  2. I

    Burned milk and cocoa power, should I worry?!

    My daughter decided she was going to make dessert. We often make home made hot cocoa together with milk, cocoa powder and sugar as the only ingredients. I was back and forth helping my son with his homework and she turned to the stove to high. I didn’t realize this, and the mixture overflowed...
  3. kozykitty

    Warning--another danger to birds

    A good friend posted on facebook that she lost her dusky conure last night. She's pretty sure that the culprit was a new Pampered Chef pizza stone. Pizza stones are nonstick but they aren't coated in the way teflon pans are. I know I have several pizza stones (not that same brand) but...
  4. Jessie

    Crockpots & Conures

    So my conure is in the living room and the kitchen is right around the corner. There's no doors so its an open area. I know nonstick pans are bad but my family loves cooking with our crockpot and I just wanted to see if anyone else uses a crockpot near their bird. Thank!