creating a bond

  1. Si429

    New bird, who dis?

    Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie and I joined this group because a red-lored parrot came into my life. Prepare for a bit of a story as I am 100% new to everything bird and have scoured the internet for answers, tips, articles and more. Apparently this bird has been with my father's family (with...
  2. C

    Can You Review My Article on Taming Parrots?

    I was wondering if some of you guys could give me your opinions on an article I just wrote. The article is: Thanks for checking it out and can't wait to hear your comments/suggestions. The article is supposed to...
  3. L

    Rehoming a gorgeous new macaw

    Hi there I'm new to this but I just thought that I would jump in and ask a few questions that have been bugging me... I'm preparing my home for the arrival of my first macaw... Its a believed female blue and gold 2 years old. I have alot of prior experience with amazons, senegals, ringknecks...