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    Don't wake the sleeping dragon... you may never live to tell us how it went.
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    Want to buy a parrot.

    Good afternoon, I came to this forum, because I want to buy a parrot. Now I need some advise from you guys. I would like to have a parrot who follows me around and likes to sit in the shoulder. What do you guys think is a good parrot? He should be bigger than a cockatiel. Emil Horstmann
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    Galah Cockatoos.. cuddly?

    Hello! A pet shop near me is going to be bringing in a Galah cockatoo soon, and Ive been thinking about it ever since the owner told me :) This is just in time since Ive been trying to find the right bird for me for a year and a half, and after lots of research, I never really was able to be...