1. Fauna

    Why is my bird affectionate and cuddly all of a sudden?

    in the past few days tiago has become a TON more cuddly and affectionate with me! he’s been very interested with nibbling my face and seems to do it to get my attention :,) Its super cute and i love it so much but it came out of nowhere so im wondering if this is normal parrot behavior. Im...
  2. Zzzzzzz.....


    Don't wake the sleeping dragon... you may never live to tell us how it went.
  3. E

    Want to buy a parrot.

    Good afternoon, I came to this forum, because I want to buy a parrot. Now I need some advise from you guys. I would like to have a parrot who follows me around and likes to sit in the shoulder. What do you guys think is a good parrot? He should be bigger than a cockatiel. Emil Horstmann
  4. A

    Galah Cockatoos.. cuddly?

    Hello! A pet shop near me is going to be bringing in a Galah cockatoo soon, and Ive been thinking about it ever since the owner told me :) This is just in time since Ive been trying to find the right bird for me for a year and a half, and after lots of research, I never really was able to be...