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    Need advice as to what to do over bite

    So my lovebird was out flying around and landed on my Quaker’s cage and one of my quakers immediately bit him and latched on, he let go before it got to bad and cut my LB a bird. He’s overall ok and acting normal, and we cleaned up the cut immediately with salt water and we’re on our way to the...
  2. J

    HELP! Trapped Conures foot in the door!!

    Hello, I'm new here so not sure of where to post but I seriously need help with this situation. I trapped my Maroon Bellied Conures foot in the door and it seems he has lost some skin on one side of one of his toes. There is some blood but it hasn't increased at all. How do I proceed?? It's...
  3. L

    Treating a wounded Lovebird?

    My 5 week-old lovebird was attacked by my other lovebird pair and practically ripped off all of its feathers off its back! It wasn't bleeding profusely but I did manage to clean up most of the blood. The wound is still fresh, no bleeding, but I wanted to know if there is anything I can put on...