HELP! Trapped Conures foot in the door!!


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Mar 15, 2014
Clanfield, United Kingdom
Maroon Bellied Conure
Hello, I'm new here so not sure of where to post but I seriously need help with this situation. I trapped my Maroon Bellied Conures foot in the door and it seems he has lost some skin on one side of one of his toes. There is some blood but it hasn't increased at all. How do I proceed?? It's Saturday night, so it's probably going to be Monday morning before I can take him to a vet! Panicking like hell at the moment! What do I do?
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Was it the cage door that was shut on his toes? There's emergency vet clinics available if you really need to see one.
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Thanks for replying, I am looking into emergency vets now. No it was bathroom door. I opened it straight away when I realised he had his foot stuck. He's been playing around in his cage, drinking, eating and putting pressure on it while he's climbing and only lifting it up when he's standing still. I've examined it a bit more now that it's been 30 or so minutes since the incident and it looks like it's it's a small graze that has taken some skin off of his foot. It extends less than a quarter of the way up the foot so it's not big. It has also stopped bleeding, but I'm concerned he may pick at it.
Keep an eye on him and use something like Neosporin cream (not sure what the alternative might be in the UK) on it to try and help prevent infection and allow it to heal. You can also use some aloe vera on it and if there is any swelling, use some cayenne pepper. You can use a bit of cayenne pepper with water to make a paste like substance to put onto the wound (might hurt!) but it would work as an anti-inflammatory. Likewise, you can also feed him cayenne pepper on his food if he'll eat it.

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