1. Libbi24

    Some photos of Hercules and Pearly

    Hi, I just wanted to share some very cute photos of my new Barraband parrot and my cockatiel Pearly :) I’d also love to do a post on Pearlies past as I think It’s a super important topic to talk about but it may be a tad upsetting so I will have to decide wether I do or not. enjoy some...
  2. 64747B3B-9982-42E8-B5E8-B7D4C3745D46.jpeg


    This is my new green cheek conure! His name is laddu (which is just a cool sweet) but his nickname is chomper since not everyone can pronounce his name :D! He’s 2 months old, incredibly nibby and likes to hang upside down!
  3. I enjoy window.

    I enjoy window.

    (Don't mind my Stitch pillow- I love Stitch-)
  4. Twitter&Twitch

    What's something you've seen your bird do that you can't get over?

    For me it'd be my budgie, Twitch, running around on the bottom of the cage to get his favorite piece of paper, then try to climb back up to the perch (we bought him from the pet store and his wings were clipped back then but they grew back so he's used to climbing, but he is learning to fly...
  5. Astro side

    Astro side

    Side on Astro
  6. SoberParrots

    Love a good rainy day

    today was nice and rainy… my birds favorite weather. He wanted to go outside. Enjoy these lovely photos of him🐤🌂:red1:
  7. Ozzys

    4 month old cockatiel making kisses noise?

    Hi! My 4 month old cockatiel is making kisses noises and she’s been singing a lot lately ever since she passed the 3 month old mark she haven’t stopped singing in the morning and night! so now i’m a bit hesitant that she... might be a he... what do you guys think?! she’s already mocking my kiss...
  8. Ozzys

    Beak molting/shedding???

    hi, i have a 3/4 months old normal grey cockatiel. i noticed that his beak is shedding? i don’t know if he’s molting early or if it’s normal for their beak to “shed” it’s just very flaky and it doesn’t seem to bother him at all. maybe just me. i don’t know but if it’s something serious please...
  9. Ozzys

    male or female? (3 months old cockatiel)

    hello everyone! im a 17-year-old girl, i recently adopted a 1 month old cockatiel and been hand-feeding "it" ever since he was at that age. Ozzy, my baby cockatiel is now 3 months old, and im dying to know "its" gender. i have posted a video on youtube of him singing. or so i think thats what...