1. N

    My baby senegal parrot needs a new home

    I have a senegal parrot that is about 8 months old. He's cute, pretty quiet, not too messy and knows how to kiss (I taught him that) I'm finding it difficult to give him much attention with my 3 little kids around and I am expecting my fourth in less than a month. I feel so sorry for him as he...
  2. R

    cute things to teach?

    Hey so what are some cute things you can teach your macaw (like speaking and trick-wise) My baby already does a few things (vocally) He: •says "ow" whenever he hits his beak on something •says "what?" whenever I look at him for a few seconds but dont say anything •makes a kiss noise whenever i...
  3. Libo

    Have you met the misses?

    Hi everyone! I'm kinda new to the whole bird caring thing, so far I love it. How I met her: It was Halloween, and I was just heading of to a party and all of a sudden there was this cute little bird chasing me. (It was dark so I thought it was a bat or something haha) So I was like starting to...