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Dec 13, 2012
Green Cheek Conures
Hi everyone!

I'm kinda new to the whole bird caring thing, so far I love it.

How I met her:
It was Halloween, and I was just heading of to a party and all of a sudden there was this cute little bird chasing me. (It was dark so I thought it was a bat or something haha) So I was like starting to protect my face but then it just kept spinning around me. I started running away, and it started chasing after me. In my head I was like what the hell am I doing I'm running away from a bird/bat?. So I turned around and saw it was this cute little thing. It hopped on my back and started crawling to my shoulder. She was terrified, so I went back to my home and told my self, if I don't take care of her she will probably be death and I coud not let that happen. (And not to forget I was planning on having a little Conure for weeks, so I think its like destiny we met).

So I went off to the party, it bother me whole night how the cutie was doing. I asked my mother to care of her that night. Next day I went to the pet store to buy a cage and all the nécessités.

I knew the bird has been trough a rough period so I gave her time to get use to everything. The first week was terrible, it was biting all off my fingers, but I'm kinda a patient person, and it definitely payed off. She just loves me and I love her. I never could imagine a small bird could give so much love, she trust me completely. So far she's doing great, I always open the cage when I'm home and give her tons of attention (when she wants it). So far so good I guess. But there are somethings bothering me. You know I just want the best for her.

So I got some questions, I'm a student so I mostly go home in the weekend's. I asked the shop keeper where I bought the cage if it would be harmfull if I would leave her a lone every week for tops 2 days. He said it wouldn't be any problem. But I can just imagine it must be so boring for her. So I bought this transporter cage today and I'm planning on buying a huge flight cage for her, and get the old cage to my parents house. So she could come with me every weekend.

So my question is it bad to take her weekly with me to my home or should I just take her with me if I'm leaving her for more than 2 days? (Christmass holidays).
And anyone have any recommendations for a cage? Or what I should pay attention to when I'm buying my new cage?

Sorry for the long post =)



I dont wanna be a buzz kill but what if this cute baby had a family that lost him? have you tried to find its home?? then if nothing came up after a couple months then he's yours? but on your question i used to take my budgie back and forth with me from college to my moms almost every weekend and thats about a 5 hour drive!! and she was just fine! just dont EVER let the bird out while your driving thats dangerous for you! having a cute little face distracting you from driving isn't good.
Hi everyone!

I asked the shop keeper where I bought the cage if it would be harmful if I would leave her a lone every week for tops 2 days. He said it wouldn't be any problem.

That is HORRIBLE advice! Please don't leave her alone for even a day. Once these birds bond to you, they consider you family. Leaving them alone for 2 days would be neglectful.
This bird is obviously someones pet... Please check and put ads in local papers, petshops, vets etc... Also do a letterbox drop in your neighbourhood...

Someone is missing this little darling... :(
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Thanks for replying, Yea I thought so, so I'm taking her with me now.

And for looking for the original owner, we've tried looking for the owner in many ways. We ringed most of the doors around my neighborhood. And posted letters. Asked shopkeepers to display the posters, ect...
Until now we haven't heard from anyone, and if we find the owner we will definitely give it back. I can imagine it must be heartbreaking for the owner.

And I'll try te vets in my surrounding, thats a good idea.
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