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    Two of my lovebirds died suddenly after being wraped in blankets

    First we had two female lovebirds, one of them looked sick, one day she lowered her head so we took her out of the cage and cover her in blankets, for the rest of the day she seemed fine and ate well, her poop was also fine, the next day she once again lowered her head, we did the same and after...
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    Sudden Loss - Trying to figure out cause

    I am here to report back from over a year ago on our new cockatiel death after a few weeks in our home. We ended up having a necropsy done because we were so freaked out about it and didn't want to make the same mistake going forward. What we learned was that the bird starved to death. The bird...
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    My two week indian ringneck baby parrot died

    My heart is burning, I had bought 1 month old baby parrot and I raised it and now it is 2 years :green2: old but now I bought two week baby ringneck parrot, I gave it feed 3 to 5cc mixed with water 4 times a day and keep it warm but :15:: :15: what amount of powder feed mixed with water should...
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    My Baby Conure Passed Away

    Hi All- I'm new to the bird world! I owned a parakeet years ago, but that's about it. We adopted a baby Green Cheek Conure on Friday from a local pet store (a well known chain one) and he passed away this morning after only 3 days. He was just shy of 3 months old. We are devastated and cannot...
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    Tiki died in my arms

    I fought for him paid hundreds in vet bills but he didn't make it And he was so young please I need advice I have never hurt so much in my life over a pet, he and I were so bonded I feel lost and alone and my room is empty