1. D

    Small particles in parrot poop

    Hi everybody! I’m new here and want to ask a question for which me and my veterinarian cannot find an answer. This is how my lovebirds poop looks like, does anybody know what those small green particles are? It is not undigested food. Photos attached. Health story: -3 batches of eggs since...
  2. A

    Something wrong with my green cheeks beak

    This is my first ever bird. There's this yellow stuff between my green cheeks cere and beak, someone please tell me if this a disease or something or if this is normal in parrots
  3. L

    Found Parrot and I need ur help!

    So, today I found parrot in the street which was in very poor condition. I do not know if he is boy or girl, or breed. I think he/she has a disease of beak, I gave him water and food and mineral blocks.
  4. S

    Beak and Feather Disease

    Hi everyone, Trying to get some information on PBFD. We got our Trevor about 6 months ago and he is was 8-9 months when we got him. Short story his nails all of a sudden grew really long and his beak broke a bit (top part) and the bottom seemed to grow extra long, we took him to the vet and he...
  5. Y

    does this look like pbfd??

    hi everyone! i recently saw this post about a lovebird that has a somewhat deformed beak and was hoping to purchase her as i doubt anyone would buy her! but then it occurred to me that it could be pbfd :eek: although i would definitely be bring her for the pbfd test before coming home…i would...
  6. Tsukimaru

    How to prevent this disease!?

    Hello, sadly today my conure died from chlamydia pisttaci although treating him with the medicine and antibiotic but he couldn't handle the sickness :'( ...I felt sad so my dad decided to get me an African grey tomorrow! ...so I cleaned the room and the bird's cage really well and I did...