diy toys

  1. InkoGreencheek

    Miniature drums for GCC

    Hello all! I have a green cheek conure, Yuki, and he loves using his feet and copying whatever we humans do. I drum a lot and he sees me and gets happy, so I’m wondering if anyone here has made or bought any small drums for their own parrots. I’ve searched some online and only found one parrot...
  2. Raz

    Is food coloring safe for birds?

    My jenday conures love chewing on papers and I really want to make them forging toys instead of just fruits and seeds wrapped in newspaper. I went to the store to buy some Easter filling for my birds but realized I don’t know what they use to dye the paper so I decided to make my own with food...
  3. H

    Floor to ceiling playground

    I made this playground about a year ago. Piece of timber for the upright bit, cut to the height of my ceiling so it's just wedged there. Then got a load of different sized dowel and cut perches, these are screwed in. Eye hooks positioned to hang toys and treats, and then a long piece of rope...
  4. C

    Charlie’s home made toys

    Hello all :orange: I thought I would post some of the things I have made for Charlie my caique. Charlie’s Happy Hut - He likes it so much that he will actually carry his daily fruit bit by bit into the hut to eat. Charlie’s Rough & Tumble Zone - He will hop and roll on his back with his...
  5. M

    DIY New Years Cracker Forager!

    Decided to try out DIY toys since I had so much stuff lying around. Decided to take inspiration from the holiday crackers you get from the bargain store that pop open and have toys inside. Needless to say he was ripping it apart to get inside before I could tie it tight onto the cage lol...
  6. S

    Braided PVC Tubing

    Does anyone know if I can use braided PVC tubing to make toys for my Severe Macaw? I want to cover it with cloth and make a swing, but have no clue where to go to find out if this is safe. I made him a play structure out of PVC, but just need to be sure. Don't want to harm the guy. Thanks...
  7. Kantia

    *** DIY Toy List ***

    DIY TOYS Please note: Some of these toys may not be suitable for certain birds, depending on size. Please also be aware of threads, colourants and the length of rope/strips (hanging hazard). These are just suggestions and a general guideline, there are so many variations that you can be...