1. G

    Avian DNA training

    I'm trying to find where I can get training for avian sex DNA training.:grey::greenyellow:
  2. H

    DNA sexing wrong?

    My 4 month old Pineapple GCC has been acting strange lately. She grabs my finger with her beak and puts either one or both of her feet on it, and fluffs up a bit and wags her tail. Does this mean she is trying to mate with me? The breeder DNA sex'd her female, but I'm not convinced she isnt a...
  3. JennyB

    The DNA Results are Back!

    It's been very crazy and hectic around here lately with Spring Break, horse shows, vet visits, inlaws visiting from South Carolina, etc. etc.! But... We finally got Jasper's leg band removed :) & decided to DNA Jelly while we were there. (Hubby cancelled a work trip, went along, and...