1. ImaParrot

    My budgie is bullying my dog

    Okay, before everyone gets upset that I have a dog, Teyla is the sweetest, most chill dog to ever exist. She's literally so tolerant, but Elvis is just being stupid at this point. Both Teyla's kennel and the birds' cage are in the living room because Mom is firm that the animals won't be...
  2. Rico_Tiel

    I need help badly with some dogs.

    I absolutely HATE the fact I even have to type this but, here we are. We have 4 Italian greyhounds (they are no bigger than a cat) and my mom abuses them. One of them she seems to target. The one she seems to target is fatter than the others and pretty short. He has alopecia (no hair) and has...
  3. gothambirdie

    New Green Cheek Conure living on the ocean

    Well unfortunately it’s not a tropical ocean, but the Gulf of Maine/Atlantic Ocean on the coast of New Hampshire. Brought this GCC home today, and I had not intended to acquire my first bird from a national pet chain. But it was a great personality and I was displeased at the quality of its...
  4. K

    African Gray and newly acquired dog - suggestions for getting aquatinted

    Greetings, new to the forum and looking for information and suggestions to get my 20 yr. old gray to get acquainted with our newly acquired 4 year old Samoyed. We have had 2 “Sammy’s” that had no issues with be around the bird as we raised them from puppies. Our dog which was raised from a...
  5. coral3

    How to ensure your dog/puppy doesn't hurt your bird?

    Hi there... We have a much-loved Alexandrine parrot, Ringo. He is almost 5yo, lives in his cage most of the time but comes out for play & flying time around the house regularly. At the moment we are on the waiting list for a dog. We've decided to get a pup rather than adopt an adult dog as I...
  6. I

    That age old question of wing clipping...

    An old and very controversial subject, for sure. I'm aware each situation warrants a different solution, so I'm not strongly advocating strongly for one team or the other. I'm well aware of the dialogue behind either party, however. So Kermit’s wings have grown out and I’m at an uncomfortable...
  7. I

    Terrier and a bird? [seeking advice]

    I lost my beloved budgie a month ago and have started researching into getting another. The species is still unclear, but it will be something relatively small (i.e. GCC, cockatiel, lovebird, parrotlet, another budgie... still narrowing down XP). The only problem is our terrier. She is very...
  8. I

    GCC as a college student?

    Hi all, I'm new to this forum and don't have a bird (yet). I've fallen in love with the GCC species but am currently gathering information on whether or not I would be a good caretaker. My beloved budgie Jack Frost recently passed. He was only 4, far too young for the little fella to pass...
  9. M

    Parrot attacked by dog - advice?

    We are watching my parents dog for the week while they are out of town. My boyfriend took the dogs (ours and my parents) for a walk this evening, and I took the opportunity to let our ringneck out while they were gone. My boyfriend came back earlier than expected, and not thinking let the dogs...
  10. Roanoke

    Sweet, sweet Maggie

    It breaks my heart to be writing this, and I don't even know why I am as this is a bird forum. Our beloved family dog passed today. Technically, she passed last night but we didn't even know until this afternoon. She got out (as usual) when my mom accidentally left the deck gate open last night...
  11. xTRIGx

    meet the naked dogs!

    apart from the birds i also have dogs.. naked dogs! chinese cresteds, who are mostly hairless. this is Gambit (who is turning 4 years old on friday!) and Alice who is 2
  12. B

    Hello, I am an excited new member

    Hi, My name is Chasity and I am new to this forum.. I am so excited to get involved with people who love there babies as much as I do.. I have 4 amazing Children and well 5 wonderful non human children as well.. I have an African Grey T. I rescued her about 2years ago.. :grey: I also have...
  13. UrbanLegend711

    Urban menagerie

    I have quite a few pets, many of them are rescues, as my fiance and I both love all animals and can't stand to see anything suffer if we can help it. I figured I would share with you guys some pictures of my non-feathered friends, as I just updated my Photobucket and am in a picture- posting...
  14. Collette - Our Frenchie

    Collette - Our Frenchie

    Here's our little Frenchie lookin' cute.
  15. Skylar And Kira

    Skylar And Kira

    1 1/2 year old Siberian Huskies