My budgie is bullying my dog


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Apr 13, 2023
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Okay, before everyone gets upset that I have a dog, Teyla is the sweetest, most chill dog to ever exist. She's literally so tolerant, but Elvis is just being stupid at this point.

Both Teyla's kennel and the birds' cage are in the living room because Mom is firm that the animals won't be anywhere else in the house. That's not a problem when the birds are in their cage, but in the morning, occasionally Elvis will decide that he wants to be on the floor. He'll go up to Teyla, confident as can be, while she's napping. She'll wake up and see him, but if he gets too close, she'll stand up and walk away. Then he'll go flying to his playground, but sometimes I get worried that he's annoying her too much, but he just won't listen when I call him off the floor.

Has anyone had to deal with something similar?
This is partly just a rant, but any advice would be appreciated.


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Oct 19, 2014
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I have birds and cats, so I'm not about to tell you it's bad to have a dog and birds, but it's really not ideal to have them out in the same room. Even the most tolerant and calm predator animal is still a predator animal. Whether it be accidental rough play, snapping because of annoyance, or even a sudden burst of predator instinct making your dog want to hunt, serious injury can happen here.

I know there's nothing you can do, it sounds like you're a minor living with parents.... parents who have a rule that their dog can only be in a single room of the house........ I'm going to keep my thoughts about that to myself lol. But what you can try to do is at least closely monitor your budgie and discourage any interaction between the two whatsoever.


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Jan 9, 2023
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I agree with the above. Also, calmly reward your dog for choosing to move away so she knows that’s the right decision. I’ve encouraged my dog to walk away on the rare occasion when my budgies get close, and when she does, I quietly tell her, “ good girl.”

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