drooping wings

  1. Mochikospets

    Tiel holding wings weird?

    Hi there! I have one hand fed baby cockatiel and one adult female, we recently decided to add a mate for her from a breeder. All of his cockatiels seemed in good health, clean cages, everything. He said this boy’s mate flew away, and he was in a cage with a bunch of females and another male. I...
  2. K

    Biting Brown Headed Parrot, 15 months old

    Please help! We have a young BHP, he/she is approximately 15 months and we've had her for close to 9 months. She started out sweet, but not overly affectionate, and recently she's been MEAN and biting the heck out of me, literally lunging at me while doing my makeup and biting to hurt, leaving...