1. ohthatdemoness6

    Crystals for enrichment?!

    Now I understand that everyone has different opinions about crystals and their healing properties but I'm not concerned about that. What I am concerned about is their use for ENRICHMENT!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek: context: I actually ended up finding about this because I was trying to find a way...
  2. P

    Environmental Enrichment Survey

    Hello parrot people, Purdue University veterinarians Drs. Grier & Ogata, are conducting an academic survey about the use of environmental enrichment for companion parrots (psittacine birds). Your help will strengthen the results of their study, allowing us to learn more about our feathered...
  3. I

    How to redirect cage bar chewing?

    Help, my conure really likes to chew on her cage bars. I normally don't mind her weird antics (I usually encourage them), but it makes me nervous one day she'll chew through the coating or something. I can imagine it's not very good for her beak either. I do inspect her bars regularly for any...
  4. CathnPoe

    Amazing Behavioural/Training information

    So, I'm a little bit addicted to parrot research. :22: I only get my baby boy in December, but could practically write my PhD on the Eclectus by now (slight overstatement). This was one of the BEST sites I've come across, and while I'm sure many people will already have come across her, for...