essential oils

  1. S

    Safe Essential Oil Brands?

    I'm new here, a bird lover planning to get a Green Cheeked Conure but doing tons of research before getting one so I can give them the best possible life. I have an electric essential oil diffuser (The kind where you put water and a few drops of oil in and it makes mist), and I enjoy using it...
  2. mypinklove

    Essential Oils

    Good evening friends. :) Essential Oils - my mother swears by them. She has many pets, including birds, and has two essential oil diffuser/humidifiers in her house (two story). She tells me that the effects on the animals are the same as for the people in the house, and she wants to buy one...
  3. L

    Essential Oils

    Hey Everyone! I am a new user of Young Lving Essential Oils. I want to safely use these for /with my quaker parrot. I have heard tea tree oils are toxic to them. Does anyone know where TO FIND A LIST OF SAFE ESSENTIAL OILS FOR PARROTS? Also, what blends are safe to use...