1. F

    Green Cheek Conure has bump on her eyelid

    Hello Parrot Family, I have a yellow-sided green cheek conure, female, 2 yrs old. And I recently noticed that she has this bump swell on her right lower eyelid (pics attached). It will swell up at times and then go back down after a while. I took her to the avian vet but they said it didn't...
  2. petit.perroquet

    Budgie eye injury

    I accidentally spooked my birds today by knocking a seed bag over and they all took off around the room. My budgie collided with my cockatiel, and when he finally landed, he was squinting one eye and rubbing it on his perches. I really can’t tell where he injured himself as there was no...
  3. L

    Cockatoo Eyes

    Hello, new here. My baby Liv & I are said to be first to Home Quarantine from an HPAI Country (Mexico). Last year, after hurdle upon hurdle, we arrived back in USA. I have had her 14 years. She was supposedly 4 when I received her & her band was also dated 2002. Upon leaving Mexico her...