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Sep 29, 2019
Hello, new here. My baby Liv & I are said to be first to Home Quarantine from an HPAI Country (Mexico). Last year, after hurdle upon hurdle, we arrived back in USA. I have had her 14 years. She was supposedly 4 when I received her & her band was also dated 2002. Upon leaving Mexico her vision was fine. I always checked that her 3rd eyelids closed. All good. Back in USA, we moved into a home as temporary location where I had lived briefly many years previously, thinking the homeowner was trustworthy, earthy type. A place I felt safe while I searched out our new home. I left her one day in her cage for 3 hours to run errands. I came home, she smelled like Febreze. He had floor cleaner with Febreze in it. I immediately removed her to my bedroom. He also had Thomsons Wood cleaner used on a wood table next to her cage, which when I confronted him, he only admitted using that and cleaning his table. If we had ONE, we had ONE HUNDRED conversations about chemicals & how I must research before any are used around her! Nearly daily. He also had previous bird experience! She suddenly had urine with no stool. I contacted her Mexico vet & then took her to a local one. He found nothing then but said she had 30% cataracts! I verified with former vet, no cataracts. I saw her beating her beak against the cage. I believe it was because she was upset her vision had changed!! She trusted people. Upon spraying her, he would have got these poisons in her eyes. I have been devastated for a year now. I spent my life protecting my baby in Mexico & then this slip up could have changed her life forever. :-( I only saw her 3rd eyelids once since then & 1 was wrinkled & did not come all the way down. THIS WAS ALL LAST YEAR, 2018.
No 3rd eyelids since then. Can anyone give me any info regarding the cockatoo's 3rd eyelids, cataracts, etc? Also how I can protect her vision if she no longer has use of her 3rd eyelids? I love her more than anything :-(
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Hi and welcome to the forum :) Do I understand you correctly that this PERSON sprayed directly on to your sweet Cockatoo with Frebreeze air freshener??!!! :eek:
I don't have much Cockatoo experience so I can't help you out,but I suggest you get your 'too to an AVIAN CERTIFIED vet asap for a complete check-up! I am sure other knowledgeable people will see your thread and reply.
That person should be shot! :11:

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A floor cleaner with a direct stream spray that had Febreze in it. Had to have been sprayed directly on her. The Thompsons Wood Spray (mist) said Danger Eye irritant, Open all Wndows, Do Not Inhale in Red Letters on the back of can :-(
When she saw him again while in my lap, she hissed. Which I have only heard a few times in 14 years. THIS WAS LAST YEAR & we were soon out of there. I am hoping to be informed about her eyes now to keep them stable.
Have you taken Liv to a vet that specializes in BIRDS? Even a vet that does "exotic" animals is not good enough because they don't know as much about birds as an avian vet will.

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Absolutely. That is ALL she has been to. She goes to the best 'bird whisperer' vet in the area. :) Her main vet from Mexico basically STARTED the private Avian care industry in California in the 60's. I learned alot about parrot care and had a couple different breeds before Liv also through the years.
However, I do need to reach out to those with experience regarding this eye issue. I want to save her sight. Thanks so much!
I'm so sorry you are going through this. I hope you are able to move to a new place, as that person can not be trusted. How awful!! You don't spray a living creature with anything that's a cleaner , let alone a bird!!!
We have another member who might have had something like this done to their bird.......
I don't think we can offer anything , eyes are so sensitive, you can only follow your vets advice..
I wish I could help
Welcome to you and Liv. I hope you can receive expert advice regarding cataracts. There is a distinction between an exotic/bird specialist and "certified avian vet" or equivalent. The latter have specialized training and hospital equipment. You'll likely need an ocular specialist, one with avian experience.

Key point is whether the chemicals caused cataract development or coincidental to chemical exposure. I'd imagine age ~18 years is rather young for cataracts. Might the occlusion actually be a temporary/permanent response.
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OMG, wouldn't that be wonderful if it was temporary! However, a year later she still freaks when we walk thru a dark hall. I have to hold her close & put my hand on her. There are 2 Dr's here who do specialize in exotic birds, I use 1 so far & communicate still with the retired CA Vet who began the private avian industry in Ca in the 60's. as needed.
I do not believe either Vet locally does any ocular surgery. Since this happened 1 year ago, I then took her into my bedroom & we have been moved 9 months, I am thinking a lawsuit as I am still in the time frame & have him recorded admitting to spraying 1 item next to her, plus alot of witnesses as to my continued stress in point about chemicals, including vendors questioned over & over working on the home.
I know it would be expensive but I do see one with surgical video online in California for birdy cataracts. I have no clue however, about her poor 3rd eyelids. When I saw the 1 wrinkled, I knew chemical had to have been on her eyes but the Dr. just said her eyes looked fine except she had cataracts. I know better. He did not address the 3rd eyelid issue with me.
Cataract surgery for parrots is just this side of miraculous, given complex eye structures. I'd suggest a consult to learn more about the 3rd eyelid status.
How old is your bird? Could it just be age-related and not an injury?
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Where I live there are none who do this type surgery. I am hoping to hear from someone with experience with the Cockatoo 3rd Eyelid and Cataract stabilization. That is my best hope at this moment :-(

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