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  1. L

    My lovebird cheek pooping red?

    Hello, i’m new here and i have some lovebirds chick.. i feed my lovebirds chick the nytribird a21 formula starting 2 days ago, and they love it they’re eating a lot more than the previous local formula i use.. but my problem is, this morning i notice my chick’s poop is a reddish brown color? Is...
  2. B

    Alexandrine Baby Difficulties in Feeding and Feather Issues

    Our Alexandrine baby [we named him Piku] :green1: [I guess 3-4 months old. but I'm not sure] is not cooperating while eating [requiring force feeding], having watery droppings and losing feathers [mainly tail and wing feathers]. 1) We got him 1 month. Initially he was under diet of homemade...