finch breeding

  1. Jferrand526

    Does anybody know about breeding and hand feeding finches?

    So I recently got into breeding zebra finches for the past year and a half now and even though I have had many clutches, I have never had parents throwing out their babies. I found one in the water bowl dish and literally screamed in horror and wanted to cry, it just broke my heart. I’ve hand...
  2. sammmy

    Anyone know about zebra finch babies?!

    I'm in a dilemma! I have 3, 7 day old zebra finches and one that is 6 days old. They all seem very healthy and have tripled their size. Crops always seem to be full. My concern: the nest is COVERED in poop. Parents poop, babies poop, everyone is pooping everywhere!!!! I'm worried this is not a...
  3. F

    Keeping & Breeding the Nonpareil (Pin-tailed Parrot Finch)

    Hi All, When translated to English, the French language name for this little finch – Nonpareil – means “without equal”. The name suits the gorgeous bird perfectly…so much so that aviculturists of all nationalities have adopted it. Also known as the Pin-Tailed Parrot Finch (Erythrura...