1. Hulu


  2. 00089

    Canary possibly sick

    My 9 month old male Canary was acting strange yesterday. He is fully tame and can be handled, and he trusts me and my hands fully, which is why he showed his symptoms to me and hid them in front of others. I've changed his diet from a seed and dried fruits mix only, to Dr. Harrison's a month...
  3. M

    I bring many birbs

    Was browsing google and found this so, here we are. I have 7 birds, all bratty as can be but still lovable little fluffbutts. From largest to smallest: Jimbo (Nine year old red lored amazon) Evo (1 year old orange winged amazon) Mango (1 year old sun conure) Pineapple (1 year old pineapple...
  4. sammmy

    Anyone know about zebra finch babies?!

    I'm in a dilemma! I have 3, 7 day old zebra finches and one that is 6 days old. They all seem very healthy and have tripled their size. Crops always seem to be full. My concern: the nest is COVERED in poop. Parents poop, babies poop, everyone is pooping everywhere!!!! I'm worried this is not a...
  5. ann

    Caring for a sick finch, Thistle seed???

    Hi, my finch Regis is sick, and I am to give him some extra nutrition while he recovers. Does anyone know if thistle seeds are safe for society finches. I have seen them feed to outdoor birds, but don't know if my finches can have them. I hope they can because I already bought a pound...
  6. CharlieSheen

    Sick Finch? (Not mine)

    I was at the local store, Golden Cockatoo (As name suggest, specializes in parrots) to see my lovebird (whom is still being weaned) and I saw something sad: One of the finches were missing half of his/her feathers on the back of his/her skull! I'm pretty sure I could see some bone through the...
  7. ann

    My babies hatched!!!

    Hi everyone! Today I came home from MA. I had expected my finch eggs to hatch when I got back. I checked the nest and could hear tinny little peeps! I looked and there was one tinny little chick begging and peeping :D! I'm so excited I have been trying to successfully breed my finches for months...
  8. ann

    why does this keep happening

    yesterday, the day after my beloved cat Number 5 died, my sweet little finch Bonnie died. I was up late on the computer and i heard strange peeping coming from the cage. When i looked, she was limp on the cage floor. a half an hour ago, she was alive and peeping when i blew her a kiss goodnight...
  9. ann

    How on EARTH have they not had babies yet???

    i just don't get it! i have 1 proven male and 1 proven female society finch. they are definitely a pair, and they have bred multiple times. both are old enough, and she has laid eggs before, one was normal sized but infertile, and the other was a third of the size it should be, and also...
  10. BurdBrain

    Hello, from sunny Arizona!

    Hi! My name is Samantha, and I have long been a parrot enthusiast. In my early youth, I had two little budgies that were kept as family birds, Bluebell and Key-lime, whom I grew to love dearly; I soon had a flock of my very own, and began to work at an avian rescue. I adopted two cockatiels...