1. bonitabird59

    Questions about society finches

    Hi! I know that finches aren't parrots, however they're birds and I feel as if maybe some of you could help me out. About 2-3 months ago, I adopted Cookie, a society finch that was hatched from two society finches at a chain pet store that I work at. He was very young when he lost his toes, and...
  2. Jferrand526

    Does anybody know about breeding and hand feeding finches?

    So I recently got into breeding zebra finches for the past year and a half now and even though I have had many clutches, I have never had parents throwing out their babies. I found one in the water bowl dish and literally screamed in horror and wanted to cry, it just broke my heart. I’ve hand...
  3. AlexTheGreenCheekConure

    Adopting Finches?

    Hello everyone! I'm *thinking* of adding to my flock. I currently have a GCC, 2 cockatiels, and 3 parakeets. I was at the Humane Society this evening and saw two adorable little finches (Johnny and June). I don't know what type they are, and I know nothing about finches. So, some questions for...